A Few Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring A Recording Studio


The music and entertainment industry is heavily dependent on the availability of a recording studio. It’s already a known fact that when you hire a recording studio, you not just hire their space, but you also hire their instruments, their staff and their reputation for the recording time. This also includes their gear, the software, and their engineer as well. This is why you must probe into a few factors before you finalize your pick.

5 questions to ask before booking a recording studio

  1. How does the studio handle billing issues?

This is, in fact, the biggest consideration. In fact, this is one of the potential factors where conflict arises between the customer and the studio owner. If the recording studio bills on a per hour basis, then you need to think about the benefits included. You also need to ask if you can arrive early to set up the equipment and gear etc and whether it’s included in the studio time.

  1. Do they charge on the basis of the end product and how many changes do they allow?

This is another big question that goes with the studio time and billing factors. There are a lot of studios that bill as per the final product and this also determines how each of your songs turns out to be. This also leads you to think how many changes are allowed for a particular song or album.

  1. What type of digital audio workstation do they use?

You may think that you don’t have to bother much about the digital audio workstation, but things are not as easy as you have to think about a number of things before hiring a recording studio. It’s always better to look for a recording studio that has a more technology-friendly digital audio workstation.

  1. What type of backline do they have?

This is essentially important if you want to infuse something new in your music. It’s wise to hire a studio with some variation in amps and equipment. This might also save you the trouble of loading up your own range of equipment and make a difference in billing as well.

  1. What does Mic closet comprise of?

This is a prime determinant of what the outcome is going to be like. This can, in fact, deliver a more diverse recording experience for you and your group.

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