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The process of separation between penis and sheath is described and data on age and weight of the calves are given. 3. There was considerable variation in times and rates of development, but in general terms the penis began to separate from the sheath at about 4 months of age, and the process was completed at about 10 months.

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Watch out for bull penis problems. By Roy Lewis. Columnist. Published: June 5, 2012. Cattleman’s Corner. Many times throughout the breeding season calls come in to veterinary clinics regarding swellings along the sheath of bulls. In many instances a favourable outcome is highly attainable. Location of the swelling tells a lot about its cause.

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Hematoma of the penis: This condition is often referred to as a broken penis, but it is actually a tear in the fibrous, elastic layers that surround the penis. The bull will have a swelling immediately in front of the scrotum. This swelling is due to blood forming a clot around the penis. The injury occurs during mating and is considered very ...

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Most sheaths are more defined in bulls than in steers, and a lot of bulls may have a pink fleshy protrusion being exposed from the sheath. That is the end of their penis. Cows and heifers do not have

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Injuries to the penis and sheath may also prevent the bull from serving. They may cause pain and swelling, and occasionally become infected, preventing the bull from extending the penis. Prolapse of the prepuce in the bull is also a serious condition causing infertility. It is most common in the Bos indicus breeds, but also in some British breeds.

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5 years 8 months ago #518349. by cowvet. How old is he - looks a bit big to have a ring on for castration. If this lump has suddenly appeared then it could be due to inflammation around the ring and fluid dropping to the lowest point due to gravity. if the lump has always been their I would suspect a umbilical hernia or navel abscess.

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Hematoma- This is a large blood clot that forms when the thick fibrous lining of the penis ruptures during breeding. The swelling is large, usually softball to soccer ball sized and near the teats of the bull, in front of the testicles. Antibiotics are indicated. Do not attempt to lance or drain the swelling.

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Apr 21, 2005. #1. I have a 3 month old Holstein steer calf here, just recently weaned, been doing good, yesterday I noticed he just didn't look right so I looked him over and he does have a problem. His sheath...or that area...is swollen to at least fist-sized. More noticable on his right side. I threw a rope on him and it's a hard swelling.

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