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If you mastetbate with a dildo does it break your hymen ...

Yes: Anything that penetrates the vagina must have gone through the hymen...Which is a then layer of skin on the outside of the vagina. Typically this is already broken long before puberty - from riding a bicycle, climbing a tree, etc. 6.1k views Reviewed >2 years ago. Thank.

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Yes, the hymn (no indicator for being virgin or not BTW) may not break because it might be to small to be broken. Unless you talk about these over-sized dildos, like 12cm in diameter... 0 | 0

Can I break my hymen on my own? | Sexual Intercourse & Orgasm ...

Some girls break their hymen through horseback riding, sports, or other "rough housing"... other girls just break theirs through masturbation (typically with a dildo/vibrator)... Mine was broken prior to sex.

Are you still a virgin if you’ve used a dildo?

A dildo is a type of sex toy that some people use to heighten sexual pleasure. They are usually objects that may or may not resemble a penis. Dildos, and other sex toys, can be used for masturbation — alone or with a partner. Condoms can keep toys clean if they are inserted into the vagina or anus.

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I don't know what you mean when you ask 'will it break my hymen because I'm waiting for a guy to break it', a dildo is like a penis expect it's not made of human flesh, if you put it inside yourself it's going to break your hymen the exact same way a penis would. That doesn't mean you lose your virginity to the dildo.

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Tampons can be inserted through the opening of the hymen without changing the hymen as well. Sexual intercourse may stretch the hymen to make a larger opening or may cause a tiny tear or change in the shape of the hymen – sometimes this is called “breaking” the hymen, but it doesn’t really break, it just stretches. Tags: hymen.