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The material we are looking at today is PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is a plastic used in the making of some sex toys. Vinyl chloride is on the Government of Canada’s Toxic Substances List .

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Sex toys with PVC can leach oil and smell terrible after a short time. It makes shoppers wonder, how much of this junk is in our toys and how could anything that smells this bad possibly be body-safe?

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PVC sex toys 🙁. Bad. Common in realistic dildos. PVC, by nature, is a very hard substance, so if you have a soft squishy PVC toy, it’s likely that it’s been softened with toxic phthalates. This is a very common sex toy material because it’s cheap to produce. This is a very porous material. Latex Rubber sex toys 🙁. Sprint away.

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PVC and vinyl: These are both cheap materials that contain phthalates. They are commonly used in sex toys to make them soft and more affordable. They are commonly used in sex toys to make them soft and more affordable.

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PVC Sex Toys. Similar to TPR/TPE toys, PVC is a very common sex toy material used in older lines of adult toys. They also have that new car smell when opened for the first time.

PVC, silica gel and TPE-which is the best choice for sex toys

In general,if you really care about the price and have few requirements for the raw material,PVC is a choice for you.If you care about the experience and the environmental protection,silica gel and TPE are better than PVC. However,the price of silica gel is higher than TPE.As far as I'm concerned,i think TPE is the best choice for sex toys.

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Sex Toys Made of Hard (ABS) Plastic ABS is a non-porous hard plastic used by a lot of middle-of-the-road and high-end sex toy manufacturers. It’s easy to clean and generally smooth (although some lower quality sex toys will have seams), but it can be a little buzzy when transferring vibrations.

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Almost all baby pacifiers had phthalates in them until 1999 due to health concerns; Concerns that still apply to sex toys that use this toxic material. So when purchasing sex toys, absolutely do not purchase anything that explicitly mentions using phthalates. In fact, you should be double checking with any seller whether or not they have phthalates.

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Materials: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), thermoplastic rubber (TPR), thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), jelly rubber, and latex It's wise to stay away from these—especially jelly rubber toys, which contain phthalates which are harmful to the body.

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It's also a really sturdy and fun material for sex toys to be made out of - because you can warm it up (submerge it in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes) or cool it down (same with cold water...