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This applies to Moods natural lube & Moods warm lubricant also. Open the cap of the Moods cool lubricant. Pull the lubes out in hand. Squeeze pump 3 to 4 times and have it in your hand. Apply the lubes all over the genitals before intercourse to enjoy the painless sensation with your partner. In case of using a condom, add a drop or two into ...

Voilà Intimate Mood Oil – Voilà Mood Oils

Voilà Intimate Mood Oil is a 1OO% organic, non-hormonal lubricant that moisturizes, nourishes, and can enhance physical sensation during sexual intimacy. Our Mood Oils come in five distinct formulas uniquely designed to match your specific emotion, mood, or desire. They can be applied to both partners to further heighten sexual excitement.

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MOOD Lube & Glide Sample Pack A water-based lube for sensitive users - compatible with all types of condoms and toys, as well as safe for sensitive skin. Use during sex with a partner or while masturbating for comfortable and wet fun. Part of the popular line of Mood Lubes and Glides, Proudly Made in America exclusively by Doc Johnson.

Doc Johnson Mood Lubricant - Set of Five | Best Price and ...

Product Description: Mix up your private-time routine with the warming, tingling and body-sensitive lubricants of this handy set boasting a silky-smooth feel that enhances the ease and comfort of your intimate moments. Includes one silicone lubricant, one water-based lubricant, one sensitive glide lubricant, one warming glide lubricant and one tingling glide lubricant (five lubricants total)

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From Dotted to Flavoured Ultrathin - we've got what you need to ignite her passions tonight!. The varieties such as dotted, ribbed, long last, electrify, choco and strawberry are available in numerous affective flavours, made up with best quality material with extra lubricants

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Moods Cool Lubricants are designed to reduce friction while involved in sexual activity. They are used during sexual intercourse and masturbation to decrease the friction and ease in penetration. Moods Cool Lubricating Gel (60 ml) is a water-based lubricant. Water-based lubricants are water soluble and are widely used as personal lubricants.

MyMoods - Aromatherapy Pens Designed For Your Moods

MyMoods are made with 100% essential oil blends. They DO NOT contain any tobacco, nicotine, artificial ingredients, and any other chemicals/toxins. Our products are not burned and run on low power.

10 Best Essential Oils to Get In (and Stay In) a Good Mood ...

4. Bergamot. Bergamot is another great citrus oil for boosting your mood. Like I mentioned above, I am of the opinion that just about any citrus oil can help your emotional state, but bergamot really stands out when your glum feelings are due to tension, anxious thoughts, or depression.

Essential Oils To Uplift Mood - Essential Oils With Betsy

1:13 Citrus oils, they have some constituents in them, that’s just really uplifting for our mood. 1:30 Citrus Bliss – it’s like liquid sunshine. And that’s kind of how I think about it. 1:50 You can put it in your diffuser, about 5-6 drops, and you’re going to just love that for helping uplift your mood on those blah days.

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