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Glass dildos are "Pyrexed," meaning that they're made in the same way as the ceramic casserole dishes your grandma probably had. Just like those ceramic dishes, glass can be compromised when the ...

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Hodgdon Pyrodex Powder | Cabela's

Pyrodex RS can be used in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns while Pyrodex P can be used in muzzleloading pistols, cap and ball revolvers, or small bore, muzzloading rifles. RS compares to 2F black powder on a particle size basis while P is a replacement for FFFg black powder when measured volumetrically using a black ...

Pyrodex® P - Pistol Powder

Pyrodex P is intended to be a direct replacement for FFFg blackpowder, when measured volumetrically using a black powder measure. Principal uses for Pyrodex P are in muzzleloading pistols, cap and ball revolvers, and in small bore, muzzleloading rifles. Available in a 1-LB container.

Pyrodex® RS - Rifle/Shotgun Powder | Hodgdon

Pyrodex RS is designed for use in all calibers of percussion muzzleloading rifles and shotguns. It has a wide application of uses and is the most versatile powder in the Pyrodex line. Like all grades of Pyrodex, it burns cleaner and produces less fouling than blackpowder. RS compares to FFg blackpowder on a particle size basis. Available in a 1-LB container.

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PYRODEX AND TRIPLE SEVENO PELLET DATA conical bullet best with a tell inserted between tha Pellets an-d the base of the bullet. Pyrcciex and Triple were same pressure and ght Red H 180 gr. VC XTP 22 Bullet or Bullet w/Sabot 175 gr. Dead Center 180 gr. Knight Red Hot 200 gr. T/C Shockwave 240 gr. Precision Extreme Elite 245 gr. BAR Spit-Fire TMZ

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Once we were done chatting about the ultra-mega dildos, which we both decided to pass on, we arrived at the butt plugs. This was a stunning visual display of plugs made from metal, wood, and glass.

Pyrodex Pellets | Cabela's

Pyrodex® pellets give muzzleloaders greater consistency and performance, faster second shots, and less waste than ever. Designed for use in muzzleloaders and blackpowder cartridge arms. Pellets are easy to use for fast reloads and burn cleaner than black powder for more shots between cleanings. Premeasured and compressed for quick and easy ...

What is the Difference between Black, Pyrodex, Triple Seven ...

Pyrodex is the most common "black powder substitute." It is really the only synthetic black powder "performance" substitute in common use. By performance substitute, I refer to a charge of loose powder measure by volume. A 100 grain volumetric charge of Pyrodex RS (Rifle/Shotgun) is very close in performance to Goex FFg black powder.