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There are some great suggestions here, I just wanted to add that many local sex toy shops and erotic boutiques also sell online (and may offer a wider selection online than in-store), and that can be a great way to support local businesses. 3. level 2. axle-ace. · 4y.

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The r/sextoys guide for sex toy shopping tips, recommended places to shop, and sex toy safety info. 1. level 1. chandco. 3 years ago. Lovehoney has the benefit of a one-year return policy (in case you're like me and paranoid that you won't like your new toy). 1. level 1. xKriimsonWolf.

Where is a good place to buy sex toys? Amazon or shopify ...

Here's some reputable online sex toy stores: Lovehoney, SheVibe, and PeepShowToys are all great places to shop that ship very discreetly. All three of those sites ship completely discreetly in plain brown packaging without any indication on the shipping label that it's from a sex site.

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level 1. ultragecko22. · 2m. Check out dollforum.com They list most reputable vendors. Yldoll doesn’t appear to be in their list, but that doesn’t mean they are not legit. On a side note when you see full sized dolls listed around $500 thats usually a red flag to look out for. 10.

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Posted by. u/harlotofthecataclysm. 59 minutes ago. Has anyone used “Joom . Com” ? Story/Experience nsfw. I’ve seen a toy I really want on this website, however reviews are mixed. I wanted to ask here if anyone has experience with this website. Did your order arrive okay? as your toy in good condition, safe, as advertised, etc.

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There are better options, with the top tier being We-Vibe's Melt and Womanizer's Classic and Premium. But the Pro 2 Next Generation provides 80% of the quality for less than half the price. Their buy links on their website would send you to Amazon. Buying sex toys on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress is a bad idea.

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Buying sex toys on Amazon, Ebay, or Aliexpress is a bad idea. They routinely lie in their listings and there's an unacceptably high chance you'll receive a knockoff made of an unsafe material. Best to stick with reputable sex shops. This applies doubly to the Magic Wand. I's likely the world's most counterfeited sex toy, so you have to extra ...

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Please, don't buy your sex toys from Amazon or Ebay!Your risk for counterfeit toys is high (not the brand they claim to be or worse not the material they claim to be), there's a risk for used sex toys, and the savings you think you'll be getting could be a big waste when the toy quits working after a month and you have no recourse.

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In addition, sex toy makers welcome all sexual orientations without judgment. Sex toy retailers can also be a great place to learn about sexual health. If you’re curious about a new type of toy or the best lubricants to use, sites like Babeland and Love Honey can be great resources. Read More: The 50+ Best Sex Toys of 2021