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What Does a Corset do to Your Body? – Corset Story US

When fitted and laced correctly, a corset can offer a 2-4 inch waist reduction, creating a desirable hourglass figure. When put on, the laces tighten the corset around your torso, pulling in your waist and smoothing over your bust and hips. Many women choose to wear a corset under clothing for special occasions, whereas others wear corsets over ...

Corsets with a High, Square Hip Shelf – Lucy's Corsetry

Corsets with a High, Square Hip Shelf. There are many reasons that a person may be interested in a corset with a very abrupt, sharp curve from the waist to the hip: if you have one hip higher than the other (from an uneven pelvis, tightness in the muscles and ligaments on one side of your hip, or one leg longer than the other) then you may want to accommodate for your higher hip and disguise the asymmetry by wearing a corset drafted with a dramatic “hip shelf”.

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Underbust Corsets | Sexy Underbust Corset Lingerie - Spicy ...

At Spicy Lingerie, get ready to fall in love with the sexy underbust corset, a statement piece in and out of the bedroom. Underbust corset lingerie also looks flattering on any body type. Whether your breasts are large or small, a steel or acrylic boned underbust corset concentrates on slimming the waist while the bust remains open.

5 Surprising Benefits of Wearing a Corset | Orchard Corset

That’s right. Don’t be shocked or scandalized ... corsets are sexy. It's not just about the look either. Try a corset on sometime. If you’ve got the right size and style, you feel pretty amazing as soon as you cinch those laces. No need to tight lace either, just snug it up to your body.

Is Wearing a Corset Unhealthy? 5 Waist Training Health Myths

Myth 3: Corsets Reshape Your Lungs. Contrary to popular belief, a corset does not reshape your lungs. Instead, the steel bones of a corset work with your body to shape the fleshy bit of your abdomen, correct bad posture, and train your waist into an hourglass shape.

10 Women’s waist cincher corsets for tummy control and back ...

releave pain from standing up straight and working long hours. great help for having back pain or needing back support. solid structure to your middle and lower back. support at home or work. getting your waist back. great after postpartum tummy to reduce and shape your abodomen waistline.