Under Pressure as a perfect theme for guitar cover


The song is well known around the world due to its great lyrics, vocals and, of course, melody. Thereby, it is a great object for a guitar cover and will help any young players to learn more about the instrument.

The history of creating

The song is based on a clear and catchy baseline. When creating the guitar cover, it will help to learn about the connections between the bass and guitar lines. The sheet music guitar pdf will help to make the learning process effective.

In the summer of 1981, Queen worked on the album “Hot Space” at Mountain Studios, located in the Swiss city of Montreux. In parallel with them, David Bowie recorded the track “Cat People” for the film of the same name. Their cooperation resulted in the composition “Under Pressure”, which was performed by a duet of Mercury and Bowie. The musicians jointly began to write a new song with the bass line. All members of Queen and Bowie took part in the creative process, but the greatest contributions were made by David and Freddie.

The official release of the single “Under Pressure” took place in 1980. The song led the UK Singles Chart charts and entered the list of the best songs of the 1980s according to the VH1 channel. “Under Pressure” was included on Queen Hot. Later the track was included in several live albums and collections of the best songs of the band, as well as in the disc “Best of Bowie”. The video for the song “Under Pressure” was never filmed. It was replaced by cutting from the frames of various feature films and documentaries.