Woodwind Instruments: Which One is Best for You?


Choosing a woodwind instrument to play is not a decision to be made lightly. There are plenty of different variables to consider, which can make the choice feel challenging. After all, just because you have narrowed your instruments down to a single type, does not necessarily make an informed decision any easier. Fortunately, making the right decision is not as challenging as some might think. It merely requires the consideration of a few key points. An informed decision is the best kind of choice you can make when it comes to choosing woodwind instruments.

Consider the time you have for practice

There are some instruments out there that are easier to learn than others, and knowing which one is right for you is all about understanding your schedule. If you do not have enough time to practice regularly, it likely would not be a good idea to go with an instrument with a steep learning curve. After all, it is vital to feel as though you are making progress with your chosen instrument, and if you are unable to put in enough time with specific instruments, it can often feel like you are not getting anywhere.

For example, if you practice with an oboe as your first woodwind instrument without enough time to practice, it likely will not be a productive experience. On the other hand, Dawkes Tenor Saxophones can be an excellent beginner’s choice and are simple enough that you can learn even with a busy schedule.

Consider the availability of teachers in your area

Another thing to consider would be the teachers of your chosen instrument. While it is recommended that you select an instrument you want to use, the lack of a teacher anywhere will likely impede any progress. If you are going to make the best choice, it is vital to consider who is available to help expedite the learning process. Even if you might not be planning to hire a teacher and intend to learn with self-help videos, there is no denying how useful a professional can be with helping you learn to play.

Do you have any preferences?

While it indeed goes without saying, consider all of your preferences when you are making a choice. What size of instrument do you prefer? Do you see yourself playing in a band? Is there a specific instrument that you want to master? All of these questions play a part, even if it might be difficult to play or if there are no teachers in the area. When all is said and done, passion and inspiration will carry the day – something that cannot be attained if you are unhappy with your choice.

The essential part of choosing an instrument is how you feel about it. If you do not feel a connection to any instrument, consider the availability of teachers as well as the time you need for practice. Do not forget to have fun, however!

Image: https://pixabay.com/photos/saxophone-sax-player-musician-918904/